About My Concierge Medicine Practice

Your commitment to wellness doesn’t happen by chance…it happens by choice.

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Enhanced patient office experience

I believe the patient experience begins from the moment you call our office. When you are in need of an appointment, you will be seen promptly, in an unhurried fashion. During your office visit, you will be the center of attention with your needs attended to as if you were a member of my extended family.

Timely office visits

You will be able to see me on the same day or within 24 hours of your call. Your appointment time will be honored and you will be seen promptly, in an unhurried fashion. I intend to ensure there will be ample opportunity to address your medical needs at each visit. In general, your annual wellness exam will be 60-90 minutes and all other appointments will be 30 minutes in length.

Discovering what is right for each patient

I believe that each person is unique and there is no absolute approach when it comes to prevention and treatment. We will have the opportunity to explore all factors that can influence your health, and together we will determine the best approach for you.

Direct communication with me during office hours (and after!)

During office hours, my staff will answer your calls directly and will assist you with your needs. I encourage my patients to call with any questions or concerns regarding their health. If consultation with me is needed and I am unable to take your call immediately, I will return your call promptly. After office hours or on weekends and holidays, you can reach me directly on my cell phone for urgent issues at any time of the day or night, whether you are at home or traveling.

With rare exceptions you will always be seen by me

During my occasional absences from the office, a trusted colleague will be available for urgent issues.